Policies and Reports

Admissions Policies

For our Admissions Policies please see Contact & Apply/Admissions & Apply.



Anti Bullying Policy

Assemblies and Acts of Worship Policy

Attendance Guidance 2015-2016 and Absence Self Certification Form

Behaviour Improvement Policy Spring 2017

British Values Statement

Charging for School Activities Policy

Child Protection Policy

Concerns Complaints Policy Procedure

Curriculum Statement

Data Protection Policy

Equality Policy

Equality Information & Objectives 2017-2018

Freedom of Information Policy

Physical Intervention Policy

Radicalisation and Extremism Policy

Relationship & Sex Education Policy

Sex & Relationship Education Policy Appendix A Teenage Pregnancy Protocol

Special Educational Needs Policy Spring 2017 – updated October 2017

Teaching and Learning Policy

Unreasonable Persistent and Harassing Complainants Policy & Procedure





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Pupil Premium


St_Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2014- 2015 January 2015

St Bartholomew’s School Pupil Premium 2014-2015 Overview

St Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2015.16. March

St Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium Overview Document 2016.2017- Sept

Pupil Premium Overview 2016-2017 Review

Pupil Premium Overview Document 2017-2018

Catch Up Funding

Catch Up Funding March 2016.2017

Catch Up Funding Final September -2015.16

Catch Up Funding June 2016-2017 Summary

Catch Up Funding 2017-2018

Personal Development Programme

Click Here to Download Personal Development Programme – Whole School Scheme of Work  PDF (40KB)

St Bart’s Validation Report Dec 2013

Validation Letter Dec 2013 St Bart’s

SEND Information Report/Local Offer 2017



School Development Plan

School Development Plan 2014-2015

Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures April 2016

Emergency Evacuation Routes Site Plan


Accounts Information

St Bartholomew’s Final Signed Accounts 31-8-16

St Bartholomew’s 2015 Final Signed Accounts

St Bartholomew’s 2013-Final Signed Accounts

St Bartholomew’s School 2014-Final Signed Accounts

St Bartholomew’s School 2012 Final Signed Accounts

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