Health & Social Care (KS4)


Edexcel: Specification 

Course Description:

 The Edexcel BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care is a Level 2 qualification designed to provide work-related qualifications and experience in a specialist area.  The First Award takes the equivalent teaching time to one GCSE. Possible outcome grades are shown below with the approximate GCSE equivalent grade:


BTEC Grade

GCSE Comparative Grade

Distinction *








Level 1 Pass


A Level One qualification can provide a solid foundation for future learning in this subject.

The principle aim of this course is to provide students with a stimulating and engaging introduction to the health and social care sector.  This includes, health work,  working with children, social work, education, mental health services, medical studies – in fact, any profession which involved working with and understanding, people.  Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a meaningful, work-related context, allowing them to understand both the theories and their application.  Students will engage directly with practical activities, research, use of current media topics, individual tasks and project work.  Students are encouraged to develop both individual study and team working skills and to think creatively about how they present their ideas and work.  The course also aims to develop softer skills of empathy and tolerance which provide a foundation for working in any health and social care context.


The course is divided into four units of study. Three of the four units are assessed on evidence produced by each candidate that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the subject content.  This will be in a variety of forms depending on the topic, for example a presentation, report, log/diary, explanations or project.

Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 – Human Lifespan Development – is externally assessed using a 60 minute examination consisting of short and long answer questions, with an opportunity for extended writing within the exam.  The Examination Board – Edexcel – sets and marks the test.

Unit 2 – Care Values – internally assessed core unit which will enable you to gain an understanding of key care values and how these are applied in health and social care settings, and their importance to work in the sector. You will apply these values in practice through role play activities. The values described in this unit may be applied to daily life, and to a variety of careers outside the health and social care sector. You will also investigate methods used to empower individual users of health and social care services. This is important in health and social care, as it enables individuals to take control of their own care, and helps them to ensure that their specific needs are met.


Optional Specialist Units:

Unit 3 – Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

Unit 6 – The Impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing


Why Study Health and Social Care?

  • You would enjoy it and do well on this course!
  • No previous experience needed in Health & Social Care
  • Valuable for anyone wanting to work with people, in any future career
  • Provides a pathway for learning at higher levels
  • Relevant, topical, exciting!
  • A wide range of methods will be used to enhance learning, including:
    • Emphasis on active, ‘hands on’ experiences, supported by teaching of key points and theories
    • Individual, small and larger group activities
    • Field work
    • Guest speakers
    • Use of the media
    • Discussion

Further information on BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care can be obtained from Mrs M Grant, Head of Health and Social Care, based in W213.