Key Stage 4

GCSE Food Technology

Examination Board: Edexcel – GCSE Food Technology

Course Description

Everyone is an expert on food from a personal point of view. This interesting course aims to build on students’ existing knowledge of providing food for their families, and also to give an insight into how food is designed, produced, tested and marketed in industry. The course includes: Nutrition for short-term and long-term benefits; Food hygiene and safety; Food commodities including cereals, fruit, vegetables, protein foods, fatty and sugary foods; Planning to make the most of resources such as time and money; Food packaging and labelling; The ways in which the composition of food affects its characteristics and working properties, eg., to thicken, to coagulate, to set, to aerate: Food issues such as food miles, genetically modified foods, and other environmental issues.

The benefits of studying this course are that not only will students learn basic life skills related to feeding themselves and their families, but also the food industry is the greatest provider of jobs in this country, and provides further education opportunities and employment for students entering at all levels.

Teaching and learning styles

Lessons are varied and lively, including discussion, investigative and practical work, and ICT, as well as more traditional methods of developing theoretical knowledge. Students produce dishes (usually on a weekly basis) which are suitable for inclusion in family meals.


Coursework: One portfolio which includes a Design and Make task (60%)

1½ hour examination (40%)


Food Technology is taught in mixed ability groups.

Further information on this Food Technology course can be obtained from Mrs L Eastman, Head of Food Technology Department.