Textiles (KS4)

Art & Design: Textiles

AQA (8201): Specification





Course description:

GCSE Art Textiles is a NEW exciting course which focuses on learning different textile techniques and exploring the work of fashion designers and textiles artists. Students can base their work on any of the below categories:

  • Fashion or Costume design
  • Printing and dying textiles
  • Interior design in textiles
  • Embellished textiles

Students will apply subject knowledge to make their choice of textile garment, such as dresses, skirts, jackets or trousers. Students also have the opportunity to make textile products for interior design such as quilts, wall hangings or table settings.

When students complete their portfolio they will be asked to include observational drawings, colour palettes, swatches of different fabrics, mood boards and creative design ideas. Students will also study Textile and Fashion Designers such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. They will consider how these designers can influence their own work. It will be important to watch and study the latest catwalk shows and consider how modern fabrics are used in the Fashion and Textile Industry.


 By the end of the course students will be required to:

  1. Be able to research and investigate different Fashion and Textile Designers of your choice. You will refer to current trends in the Fashion Industry and develop your own colour palettes.
  2. Be able to design and develop your own bespoke textile product.
  3. Be able to use textile techniques and processes to make your own choice of product. You may choose to use techniques such as weaving, felting, embroidery, appliqué, printing and many more techniques which will be taught on the course.
  4. Be able to present your work in a creative way and include observational drawings or diagrams to show your ideas.         


Component 1 – Portfolio. Non-exam assessment (NEA) 60% of GCSE

The portfolio will include a project of your choice with the guidance of your teacher. Your portfolio will tell a story, from the beginning of your ideas to your final designs.  You will experiment in your portfolio with the textiles techniques that will be taught in class. There will be School trips that will help you with your portfolio such as trips to museums, galleries and clothing and fabric shops.

Your portfolio will be presented in a creative way of your choice, either in sketchbooks or a folder. Your work will include some drawings, designs, fabric swatches, photographs and your own experiments with fabrics.

Component 2 – Externally set assignment. 40% of GCSE

You will choose your own project to complete as part of a 10-hour exam. This exam will be split into sections and will not be carried out all on the same day. You will have preparation time before the exam to decide what you will make during the allocated time. Your preparation will be recorded in a sketchbook or folder and will be similar in layout to your portfolio.

Why study Art Textiles?

This fantastic NEW course is a great chance to get involved with the fashion industry and modern textiles. You will have the chance to design and experiment with fabrics and show your creative flare. The course includes exciting trips to London where you will have the chance to see the latest fashions and fabrics available. You will also have the chance to study the latest designs from many popular fashion designers.

Further information can be obtained from Miss Clarke, Head of Fashion and Textiles