Film Studies


Examination Board:          WJEC

Course Description:

The two year course in GCSE Film Studies is designed to allow students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how films communicate meanings, engage audiences and generate personal responses. Students will explore, respond to and evaluate a range of films and topics. They will also create pre-production and production work.

There are two examinations:
            Paper One:   Exploring Film Form (25% of overall mark)

This paper focuses on a set genre (currently Superhero Films) and tests knowledge and understanding of film language, industry awareness and audience issues.

            Paper Two:  Film Outside Hollywood (25% of overall mark)

This paper examines representations, narratives, themes and issues in films made outside of the Hollywood mainstream. Films studied in previous years have included The Wave (Gansel, Germany, 2008) and The Devil’s Backbone (del Toro, Mexico/Spain, 2001).

Coursework:           50% of overall mark

Coursework includes a micro-analysis of an existing film sequence, along with a detailed overview of its production, distribution and exhibition.  Students will also create a pitch, pre-production and production for an imaginary film. Students are expected to be able to evaluate their film-based products and demonstrate planning, research, creative and technical skills throughout the course.

Teaching Styles:   

In GCSE Film lessons, students are expected to work co-operatively in groups as well as independently throughout the course. Small-group discussion and debate are encouraged. Students will be expected to share their individual thoughts and reactions to a wide variety of films, including films made outside Hollywood and in languages other than English. There are opportunities for practical production coursework and students will be introduced to the Apple Mac computers in the Media Suite, digital equipment and software for video editing (including Adobe Premiere Pro).

Students are expected to independently read around the subject, organise filming and work hard to meet all internal and external deadlines. Film Studies is not an easy option. However, it is fun, rigorous and rewarding.


Examination:            Two papers taken at the end of Year 11. (50%)

Coursework:             50%


Film is taught in mixed ability groups.

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