Key Stage 4


Examination Board: AQA

Course Description:

The course aims to provide an understanding for the student of how performance, dance and choreography are linked in any production.

This course will encourage students to:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of dance styles;
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to perform, choreograph and appreciate dance including an awareness of its artistic contexts;
  • Develop decision-making skills and improve their critical and creative thinking and the ability to co-operate with others.

The course is suited to students who have had dance experience and a keen interest in dance.  Teachers provide additional out of school hours rehearsals; attendance at these sessions contributes to achievement in the subject.

Students are expected to wear Dance kit for lessons and rehearsals

Teaching and Learning Styles

As well as a deserved emphasis on the practical development of dance skills (choreography/performance), students will be expected to develop critical and analytical techniques in order to gain a wider understanding of the subject.  The study of different forms of dance and dancers from many different styles and cultures will also be an important part of the course.


  • Two professional works chosen from a prescribed list of 10
  • Dance Analysis and Interpretation
  • The Historical and Social Context of Dance
  • Constituent features of Dance
  • Health and Safety in Dance


  • Good Studio Practice
  • Craft of Choreography
  • Process of Improving Choreography
  • Technical and Expressive Skills in Dance
  • High Quality Performance Skills



  • Unit 1: Critical Appreciation of Dance Written Paper      20% of GCSE
  • Unit 2: Set Dance – Solo Performance                           20% of GCSE


  • Unit 3: Performance in a duo or Group Dance               20% of GCSE
  • Unit 4: Task 1 – Solo Composition                                    15% of GCSE

                 Task 2 – Solo/duo/group composition                 25% of GCSE


Dance is taught in mixed ability groups.

Further information about the course can be obtained from Mrs K Kearns, Head of Dance or Mr C Sarkozi, Dance Teacher.