Key Stage 4


Examination Board: OCR

Course Description:

The course aims to provide experience of Drama in its widest sense: ranging from exploration and improvisation to a polished production.  Through creation and performance, students will not only acquire specialised theatrical skills, such as the structuring of a play, lighting, sound, costume, set and properties design, but should also gain in self-confidence and personal insight.  The emphasis is on group work, which demands co-operation, initiative, responsibility and personal qualities, means that the course has relevance for all students, not just those who are or who wish to be actively involved in the theatre. However, it is important to note that candidates are individually assessed. Successful candidates will develop good managerial skills.  The course is composed of 3 modules, each of which is assessed through Creation, Presentation and Evaluation. Candidates must be prepared to perform in front of an audience on a regular basis.  It is also important to note that whilst the course is weighted to practical assessment (70%), 30% of the course is based on written support and analysis of the practical work done and this element of the course should not be underestimated and can have a significant impact on a candidate’s overall grade.

 Teaching and Learning Styles:

 As well as a deserved emphasis on practical development, students will be expected to develop the critical and analytical techniques essential to designers and directors in this art form.  They will keep a logbook and be expected to learn key subject vocabulary and use it accurately when discussing their work and evaluating their work (spelling, punctuation and grammar is marked).  There is regular written homework and line learning. The study of scripts is another key aspect of the course, from casting to presentation.  The observation and the evaluation of professional performances is a vital part of their learning.  Drama embraces all types of learning styles and in every lesson we aim to teach in a visual, kinesthetic and auditory way.


 Through performance and structured written working records.


 Drama is taught in mixed ability groups.

Further information about the course can be obtained from Mrs. K Norris, Head of Drama Department and Mr Edens, Teacher of Drama.