Key Stage 4


Examination Board: EDEXCEL – GCSE Physical Education 1827

Course Description

This GCSE course will enable students to increase the practical content of their timetable as well as studying Physical Education in greater depth, both from a theoretical as well as a practical angle in a range of activities.

This course is a natural follow-on to their first three years with some activities continuing and others being introduced as fresh challenges.   It is ideal for those who enjoy physical exercise and recognise its overall importance in contributing to a healthy lifestyle.  The GCSE is also useful to anyone wishing to follow further education courses which involve sport, leisure, teaching or physiotherapy.  It is an obvious advantage for those wishing to study this subject in depth in the 6th Form.

Teaching and Learning Styles

The course is taught in three periods a week, two practical and one dealing with the theoretical aspects of the course.  Opportunities to participate in after school and lunch time practices enhance skills and further students’ understanding of coaching techniques, rules and regulations whilst providing experience in refereeing and umpiring.


Unit One: Written paper (1 hour 30 minutes) – 40%

The paper is marked externally and has a total of 80 raw marks available. It includes multiple-choice, short-answer and longer-answer questions.


  • Healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Your healthy, active body.


  • Healthy, active lifestyles and how they could benefit you.
  • Influences on your healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Physical activity as part of your healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Your personal health and wellbeing.
  • Physical activity and your healthy mind and body.
  • A healthy, active lifestyle and their relationship with the following systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal.

Unit Two Practical Skills – 60%

This unit is assessed under controlled conditions over the two years and externally moderated in Yr 11:

Section 2.1 – Four practical performances in the role of either player/participant/leader or official: (48%)

Performances must be taken from a minimum of two different activity areas (for a detailed list of activities see PE staff or visit the Edexcel website).

Section 2.2 – Analysis of performance: (12%)

Students will have an internal oral exam about one of their four chosen performance sports where they will be expected to know the rules, observe a performance and then evaluate and analyse it. During this interview the student will also be expected to discuss their completed 6 week Personal Exercise Programme which is the major written piece of work for the course.


PE is taught in mixed ability groups.

Further information on this course can be obtained from Miss N Ostinelli – Director of Sport.