Key Stage 4


 Examination Board: AQA Specification A

 Course Description:

 Geography at GCSE under this specification develops a sound understanding and knowledge of geographical themes, issues and skills.  A people-environment theme is adopted throughout, with the use of examples and case studies at a variety of scales and in differing environments. This course is for students of all abilities, building on the four aspects of geography within our National Curriculum Key Stage 3 work: skills and enquiry; places; patterns and processes; environmental change and sustainable development.

This progression from Key Stage 3 work is made in a stimulating and challenging way, and will help students develop their interest and understanding of the way the world works in a wider and deeper sense – with a blend of extending familiar topics as well as exploring ‘new’ topics. The specification identifies many opportunities for candidates to use Key Skills and ICT, to develop an awareness and understanding of Citizenship, as well as covering issues relating to the Environment and Europe.

Teaching and Learning Styles:

All groups are of mixed ability (setting occurs if the timetable allows) with one specialist teacher and our subject material has a lot to offer all students through the many skills involved – including mapping, GIS, photograph work, ICT and fieldwork – plus through developing knowledge and understanding that complements other studies.

A wide range of very modern texts, atlas data, images and articles are used in conjunction with an issued textbook, audio-visual and ICT-based research resources to focus students’ learning on case study examples and issues relating to the following  topics:

 The Restless Earth; Rocks, Resources and Scenery; The Coastal Zone

 The Development Gap; Globalisation; Changing Rural Environments


Assessment: Three components

Controlled Assessment: Students undertake a fieldwork investigation which is worth 25% of their final GCSE geography grade. Students will have a choice of investigations from eleven specification related themes. These themes are issued two years in advance.

Unit One: Physical geography 1 hour 30 minutes 75 marks 37.5% of total marks. Candidates answer three questions.

Unit Two: Human geography 1 hour 30 minutes 84 marks 37.5% of total marks. Candidates answer three questions.

 Questions requiring the use of geographical skills and OS mapwork may appear anywhere on the two papers.


Geography is taught in mixed ability groups. Classes are set if the timetable allows.

Further information about the above course can be obtained from Miss R Brenton, Head of Geography.