Key Stage 4

Modern Foreign Languages


Examination Board:  AQA

Course Description:

All students will study at least one Modern Foreign Language to GCSE.   Students may choose one or both of the languages they have studied up to year 9.   Students wishing to take both should choose the second MFL from within the further choices in the options list.

The course will reinforce and explore in more depth those topics covered in KS3, with the addition of  relationships, social issues, advantages and disadvantages of new technology, environmental issues,  and current and future jobs.

Teaching and Learning Styles:

 The majority of all lessons will be taught in the foreign language.  Students will have the opportunity to further their oral skills by working regularly with the Foreign Language Assistants.  They will continue to develop their understanding of written and spoken French, German or Spanish.  The teaching of culture and topic material is strongly underpinned by a rigorous approach to the teaching of grammar.


Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are all assessed.  Listening and Reading are tested in comprehension papers at the end of the course.  Written and oral work  are assessed in controlled sessions, at appropriate points in the course.

Listening and Reading contribute 20% each to the final grade and Writing and Speaking 30% each.


Where timetabling permits, French, German and Spanish are set according to ability. 

The faculty is usually able to accommodate all students’ preferred language options.  Occasionally the need arises to direct a student to a different language choice.  In these cases, a letter is sent home notifying parents.

Further information can be obtained from Mrs M Wood, Head of Faculty, or Miss M. Collinson, Second in Faculty.