Published 21 March 2023

On Monday 20 February, fourteen St Bartholomew’s School students travelled to Oxford University to celebrate their academic achievements. Our brilliant scholars wrote a 2000 word essay based on Leadership Culture. The students participated in a number of lessons with a tutor that specialises in Sociology. Here’s what one student, Tabitha (9P2), had to say about the event:

“The Scholars Programme was incredibly useful and this experience gave me an in-depth knowledge of a subject that I have never studied before. It gave me a glimpse into a uni-style education and marking system. The programme gave me masses of confidence and encouraged me to aim high and try hard in everything I do. I seriously recommend you have a go and get involved with some of Stretch and Challenge opportunities offered at our school. Special thanks go to Miss Marshall for organising everything and ensuring all fourteen of us had the support we needed to write our essays and submit them – thanks Miss!”