Ten Tors 2023

Published 11 May 2023

After a day of kit checking and route planning, 13 students from Years 10 and 12 departed for Dartmoor on Friday 21 April. Their challenge: to complete 35-mile (Year 10) and 45-mile (Year 12) routes across the challenging terrain of Dartmoor, including the bogs, rain (Saturday afternoon was just wet!), hills and navigational challenges. Having arrived on the western edge of the moor, tents were set up and fish and chips consumed in preparation for the 2-day expedition ahead.

The challenge is to complete the 35 or 45-mile distance between 7am on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday, so Saturday morning was an early start! It proved to be a mixed weather and visibility day, with the morning including some showers and mist, but the afternoon being basically just rain! Both teams reached all their checkpoints, with a bit of navigational challenge for the 35s, but pretty much spot on navigation by the 45s, arriving within 5 minutes of each other at the overnight campsite at just after 9pm, having completed around 22 and 28 miles respectively on day 1. It had been a long day with cold, wet and tired bodies putting up tents and cooking ration pack dinners.

Getting up at 6am was a challenge, but the 45s were first to leave the campsite on Sunday morning. The weather was kinder and the visibility clear, but legs were tired and blisters were starting to take their toll. Both teams showed resilience, perseverance and teamwork in supporting each other to ensure that all team members completed their allocated routes within the required time. There were several declarations of never going to Dartmoor again from Year 10, but we hope to see them taking on the 45-mile challenge in Year 11 or 12 once the appreciation and satisfaction of their achievement has had the time to sink in!

Congratulations to both teams on completing their ‘Ten Tors’ challenge:

Year 10: Isaac Rutter, Oscar Willsher, Zephyr Scott, Ryan Pateman, Adam White, Eish Mahajan

Year 12: Luke Rutter, Alex Scourfield, Ed Hall, Ben Cook, Jonathan Kelly, Tom Hall, Oli Butler

Thanks to all the staff who helped support the students so that this event could happen: Cpt Edwards, Lt Scourfield, Lt Baikie, Sqd Ldr Gregory, plus CCF volunteers: Lt Wright, Maj Brooker, Dr Scourfield, Sgt Edwards, and all the other staff who supported on the Sunday training walks last term.