Year 7 Trip to New Forest

Published 18 October 2023

Last week saw our Year 7 students head out on a trip to the New Forest Outdoor Centre. Curnock and Davis went first on Tuesday and Evers and Patterson had their adventures on Thursday. On both days the students showed amazing courage and support for each other. Students shared their views …

“My trip to the New Forest was amazing! We did high and low ropes, archery, fire lighting and we had raft building. My personal favourite was the high and low ropes. Everyone supported each other and had such a fun time. Going to and back was so fun because everyone was talking and having so much fun.” Hannah (7P2)

“Our trip to New Forest was really enjoyable. There was a vast variety of activities and so many team building skills, you could really get used to the atmosphere. From raft building to archery, every activity we did was so fun and engaging. Everybody contributed and was included. It was especially fun because it allowed you to leave your comfort zone and let you do things you won’t normally do, letting you experience new opportunities as well as infinite possibilities!” Tanishka (7D1)