2023/24 Head Students Announced

Published 16 March 2023

As your new Head Students, we are extremely excited to start working with you and the wonderful teachers at St Bart’s. We hope that our tenure in these prestigious positions can continue the outstanding reputation of our school, making us a proud community to be a part of. Our priority is listening to your ideas so that we can make changes relevant to the school’s needs, as well as putting forward our own to help improve upon its challenges.

Ideally, a range of topical issues for our age range can be addressed – from struggles with mental health to ensuring the equal representation of all social groups. It’s also important that we have all students engaged in a variety of activities throughout the school, whether it be sports or extra-curricular academic opportunities. We can’t wait to get started with this exciting opportunity, with the aim of bettering the school community and the members within it.

Armand, Bella, Jess, Callum & Avni.