A LEVEL RESULTS, August 2019

St Bart’s is delighted to report yet another year of excellent results at A level. With 231 students and nearly 700 entries from our open access sixth form, this cohort achieved some remarkable results. Well over a quarter of all grades were at A* or A, and nearly three-quarters were at C grade or better.

Even more impressive, given the size of the cohort and the challenge of the new qualifications which are only assessed through terminal exams, is the pass rate of 99.3%.A total of 31 students achieved at least 3 A* and A grades, including Isaac Fernandes (4 A*s and 1 A), Sofia Pivaral-Booth (4 A*s), Harriet Atherton and Elsa Oakes (both 3A*s and 1 A) and Matthew Forsyth (3 A*s).

As a result of all the immense hard work of these students and their teachers, more than 160 of the cohort will be starting university across the country in the next few weeks, with 6 of them starting courses at Oxford and Cambridge and a further 7 beginning their studies in medicine or veterinary science.