Parents’ Handbook 2021-22

Before You Start

Introduction The School Day
Student Equipment List
School Uniform December 2021
Pupil Premium Grant, Free School Meals and Support for Uniform
Payment for Lunches and School Trips
Catering Service
Attendance, Absence and Illness

School Life

Whole School Expectations, BART’S Values and Guidelines for Student Behaviour
Student Rewards and Sanctions
ICT within the School – Rules for Responsible Computer and Internet Use
Teaching Groups, Class Sizes and Grouping by Ability
Independent Study
Special Educational Needs – Personalised Learning
First Aid and Administration of Medicines in School
Security of Property
Music Tuition with Berkshire Maestros

Additional Information

Parents’ Association
Termly Calendar & BartholoNews
Charitable Trust and Further Activities Fund
School Policies
Information to be Returned to School for New Students
Adviza Service – Careers Guidance
Privacy Notice – Data Protection