The House System

Every child entering the school becomes a member of one of the four Houses. The Houses, Curnock, Davis, Evers and Patterson, are named after four old boys of St. Bartholomew’s Grammar School who were killed in the First World War. Each House has a House Head and a Deputy House Head and they lead a team of form tutors. Students quickly form loyalties to their House and achieve a true sense of belonging.

The tutors, through their daily and regular contacts with their group, build up an understanding of each of its members and help to ensure that the experience of being at school is as beneficial as possible. Whilst this may include dealing with problems of behaviour or progress, this is only a part of a relationship which seeks to give children a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

The House system also acts as a link between the different age groups in the school, providing them with opportunities for working and playing together. Typical of this is the attachment of Sixth Form students to junior forms where they encourage and support House activities; and the House Drama and Music competitions, where the Sixth Formers are responsible for all the organisation and direction, with only minimal staff help.

Members of a family are placed in the same House and this enables parents to build up a relationship with one particular group of staff who will be able to discuss any problems or offer advice based on their knowledge of the overall situation.

If you would like to apply for a place at St. Bart’s, please contact the school.

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