Year 6 Transition 2021

Summer School

As a reminder the Summer School takes place from Monday 26 July to Friday 30 July, inclusive. On the Monday can you please escort your child to the school hall for an 8:45am start, so that we can provide them with a timetable and information for the week. If your child joins us part way through the week, then please bring them to the Hub on the day they begin and their timetable will be given to them.

As a further reminder, the days will begin at 9:00am and finish at 3:00pm. Apart from Monday which will begin at 8:45pm. Please note that staff will not be available to supervise students until 8.45am, so please do not drop your child off before this time. 

Can I also please remind you that lunch will be provided free of charge for the entire week of Summer School. However, you may prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch each day, if so we request that no fizzy drinks are provided please. May I also request that sensible clothing is worn each day along with trainers so that students can take part in the practical sessions being offered. We would also advise students to bring with them sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water. Students will not be permitted to wear jewellery during Sports.

If you have any further questions regarding Summer School, then please contact me by email: or by phone 01635 521255.


Year 6 Virtual Induction


Welcome to day 3 of your virtual induction. Please remember to submit your Google Form when you have finished watching the videos. Enjoy.




RE – There are also two documents in this Lesson Resources folder.




Welcome to day 2 of your virtual induction. Today you will experience a virtual tour of St Bart’s School and begin to look at what a timetable looks like when you’re in Year 7. 

Please remember to submit your Google Form when you have finished watching the video.


Welcome to day one of your Induction at St Bartholomew’s School. Today you will familiarise yourself with the house teams, tutors and experience your first St Bart’s assembly.

Once you have finished watching the video please complete the accompanying Google Form and make sure you provide your name and tutor group when completing it.

I hope you enjoy day one of your induction and day two can be found here in the same place on Thursday.

Once again, welcome to St Bart’s School.

Mr Sutherland 

Leader of Year 6 Transition


Don’t forget to complete the Google Form

House Welcome Evening

Please see below a recording of the House Welcome evening  that is similar to the ones that were presented by members of the house teams on Monday 14th June and Thursday 17th June. The Video contains information about the school day, subjects that students will take part in throughout year 7 and other key information regarding the experience of a year 7 student at St Bart’s school. There is also a welcome message from members of the Senior Leadership team. Further communication regarding the Virtual Induction days will follow during the week of 28th June.


If you have any questions you can email Mr Sutherland at or contact our admissions department at