Bart’s Bees

Published 8 June 2023

It has been another busy term in the Textiles Department for our Key Stage 3 students. Year 7s have been making more scary and fun felt monsters. Year8s have been designing and making Cultural Tote bags. Year 9s have been making their own fashion creations out of trash and recycled garments. Every term, we run a competition in each class, in which students who go above and beyond can be awarded the class Sewing Bee and are given a small textile-based prize. This terms winners are:


7TA Textiles:

7SA Textiles:

8SA Textiles:

Winner:  Sophie M-S (7P3)

Runners Up: Divi (7P1), Eva (7E2), May (7P2), Sophie M (7P3).


Winner: Tom (7C1)

Runners Up: Iris (7C2), Thea (7D2), Bella (7C1).

Winner: Fiona (8C2)

Runners Up: Alexis (8D1), Filip (8C2), Alana (8C2), Luke



8SB Textiles:

8TA Textiles:

8TB Textiles:

Winner: Jenna (8C2)

Runners Up: Ruby (8C3), Helena (8D2).

Winner: Imogen Goodall (8E1)

Runners Up: Katie (8E1),

Rowan (8E2), Ellen (8E3),

Maria (8P2).


Winner: Ursula (8P2)

Runners Up: Max (8P1),

Chloe (8E2), Vedha (8E3).


9T Textiles:

9S Textiles:

Winner: Pippa (9P1)

Runners Up: Elodie (9E2), Maia (9E1), Eibhlin (9P3), Maisie (9P3).

Winner: Izzy (9D2)

Runners Up: Emily (9D1), Beatrice (9D1), Sophie (9D1).