Beyond Bart’s: Architecture

Published 3 March 2022

With the end of their A-levels and their time at St Bart’s now clearly in sight our Year 13 students have their sights set on their future opportunities. Over the next few weeks we will speak to Year 13 students about their plans and their experiences so far.

“I applied to study Architecture at Bath, Cambridge, UCL, Sheffield and Loughborough.

  This is a competitive course, often with a very small intake, so most universities request you submit a portfolio of artwork and attend an interview. However, some courses only look at your UCAS application (personal statement and predicted grades), so the entry requirements are specific to each university.

For my portfolio I collated pieces from my A Level Graphics, GCSE Art, and things I had drawn in my spare time. It did not have to include architecture-related work. Regarding the interviews, they typically involved a conversation about the subject as well as talking through my portfolio. I am proud to say I got to the interview stage for UCL and Cambridge, but unfortunately didn’t receive offers from them. Currently, I have offers from Sheffield and Loughborough, and I’m still waiting to hear from my first choice, Bath.”

Milly Ducker

If you are a younger student who has been inspired by what you’ve read here, and would like to talk to our Sixth Form students about their experiences, please email