Black Lives Matter: Resources

Like us, many of you will have been following the recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd in the United States and the resulting anger and frustration, with great concern and sadness.

It is important as a school community that we take time to reflect and continue to educate ourselves on historical and contemporary issues of race, and the injustice and inequality that far too many Black, Asian and ethnic minority people experience in our society and beyond. It feels like a moment to pause and take stock and most importantly listen to the experience of others.

We are proud to support and promote diversity and inclusion in our school and will continue to work hard to ensure this is the case. As such we have put together a list of resources you may find useful in educating yourselves and/or your families around the topic of racism both within the UK and further afield. You will find this list in BartholoNews. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a start and we also aim to input more work around this in our PSHE programme once the students return to school.