Britvic Marketing Talk

Published 18 May 2022

Last week we welcomed Matthew Barwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Britvic, as the latest speaker in the Sixth Form enrichment programme

“The talk was brilliant from a business and economics perspective but also from the perspective of students finding their career paths. Matthew Barwell gave a fascinating insight on the fluidity of job opportunities and the importance of finding purpose early on in life so that we can pick a future that’s right for us.

The environmental crisis facing the world today is often missed out from talks by employees of big business, but Matthew Barwell’s talk highlighted the imminent threat we face and how businesses can improve their ways for the good of the planet. I feel that I have a more informed point of view on the responsibilities of adults in the world of work and on the best ways of discovering the ideal career for me thanks to the enriching assembly.”

Ed Morris (12C6