KS3 Careers Fair

On November 17 800 students from Y7, Y8 and Y9 attended a Careers fair held in the school hall. It was exciting to see the event finally take place, having originally been planned for July 2020! Forty-eight different job roles were represented and students were able to visit the tables to ask questions about jobs  that were of interest to them. Students completed a booklet to record their conversations. Following the event a tutor session was spent discussing the students’ experiences.

Thank you to all our volunteers for giving up their time on the day. It was great to see so many ex-students, and others with links to the school. We look forward to a bigger event next year!

Congratulations to Kenechi (8P2) for winning the competition run by Jemma from Elite Text Publishing. Students were asked to guess the number of synonyms and antonyms in the thesauras. The answer is 600,000! Kenechi was closest with 650,000.

Participants comments

“It was super to see such engaged students who are interested in all the different careers available.”

Fiona (Vodafone)

“I loved engaging the Y7-9’s and getting them to think about business ideas and opportunities. Helping some of them understand that with effort and enthusiasm they can take an idea and turn it into a business.”

Russell (Premier Pressure Cleaning)

“I thought the careers fair was a great idea. I never had anything like that at school in my days. My voice was worn out at the end of it though. I was lucky enough to get inspired by a lecturer at college who was into F1 racing so that is why I thought I should return the favour to today’s kids. Although I work at AWE now rather than in formula 1, I wanted to show that similar exciting jobs in engineering are available. It was great to see a mixture of girls and boys interested as well.”

Colin (AWE)

“It was great to see so many students engaged and asking really insightful questions about possible career options. It’s really important that young people consider different paths in life – further education, apprenticeships, employment. Events like these allow students to find out what a career is really like day to day and how to access that career, rather than judge by what they see on TV or in the media – even if they come away not having any idea what they want to do in the future, but knowing something they wouldn’t want to work towards, that is incredibly valuable and an opportunity I wish I had been given earlier on at school!”

Rob (doctor)

“Brilliant event with lots of great questions from bright inquisitive students. My favourite part of the day was when a student recited a quote to me “…choose a job that makes you happy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again.” I hope some of the students got just a little inspiration for that life goal.”

Craig (Director Geospatial AI)

“It was wonderful to see St Bart’s inviting in such a hugely mixed range of businesses and business models. The students were so excited. They learned that you can start a business in lockdown, how to work internationally but from home, how diversely IT is used in companies, why you need problem solving for plumbing, what a chef’s day looks like, how satellite data can be sold internationally to help agriculture, how Mind Training is an actual business and how to become a professional sports person and more. The more they asked they more they went ‘wow’. Really enjoyable for us too to pass on our excitement about our own business.”

Debbie (Active Heating Services)

“My colleague and I were really impressed with the students who attended – they were a credit to the school.  It was also great to see a very diverse representation across many different job opportunities from corporate to entrepreneur and I do believe this has given the students a good overview of the kind of jobs that they can consider for their future careers. We very much hope to attend next year.”

Kate (Active Heating Services)

“It was wonderful to be invited to participate in the Careers Fair at St Barts and have the chance to talk to KS3 students in person about their interests and passions. They asked brilliant questions about the world of publishing and work in general.”

 Jemma (Elite Text Publishing)

Student and teacher comments

“My group were buzzing after the session! They were really inspired.”

Miss Richardson (tutor)

“I really enjoyed it and it gave me lots of inspiration about what I want to do in the future.” 

Eli M

“I liked how there were a big range of careers.”

Ellie B

“I found it really fun to talk to different people and find out what they do.”  


“It was interesting to learn about all the careers and jobs there are and I really enjoyed talking to people.”