CCF 45 mile challenge

Having completed their training in the spring and early part of the summer term, the Year 12 team were finally able to take on their 45 mile ‘Ten Tors Alternative St Bart’s Challenge’ on the weekend of 12–13 June. In completely opposite weather to that experienced by the Year 10 team before half term, they were fully prepared with sun cream and sunhats as they set off at 8am on Saturday morning.In the heat they tackled Watership Down and Coombe Gibbet before heading into Wiltshire with good spirits and increasingly sore feet in the blazing sunshine.

One of the team found the heat a bit too much of a challenge, and had to drop out half way through Saturday afternoon, but the remaining 5 pushed on to complete 28 miles on the Saturday. Returning at 8am on Sunday morning they knew they had ‘only’ 17 miles more to go, and were keen to push on and do this before the worst heat of the afternoon despite some tired legs from Saturday’s efforts. They maintained a good pace through the morning, completing their 45 mile Challenge with a finish at school at 2.45pm. An excellent achievement, especially in the conditions. Congratulations to Tom Kerry, Jennifer Scourfield, Ed Barker, Lucy Wilson and Joel Douglas.