Christmas Community Project

Published 13 January

In December, a number of students participated in a second community project at Whitelands Park Primary School. We volunteered our time to make sure that young children were able to have a wonderful festive experience; helping children wrap their gifts for the parents and win a prize from the chocolate tombola. This was a wonderful opportunity to see the joy and magic in young children’s faces.Miss Marshall provides these opportunities so that we can work on our own self-confidence and leadership skills. This is part of the ‘Stretch and Challenge’ opportunities, which anyone can get involved in at our school.

We thank Miss Marshall for organising the event and looking after us while we got involved and supported our local community. St Bart’s School is willing to support any local primary school, so please get in touch with Miss Marshall if you would like some support with your own PTA events. Well done to: Irina Pop, Ellie Bosley, Amie Smith-Mas, Rosie Rust, Pippa Owen, Vedha Aveen Krishnan, Luca How, Juliet Kielbon-Noakes, Alex Cattanach, Teddy Brennan, Sid Karra, Kaiden Bailey and Miraya Srivastava.

Amie Smith-Mas (10C3)