Davis & Evers House Evening

Published 22 February 2023

On Thursday 9 February, Davis and Evers came together to hold their annual ‘House Evening’. It proved to be a really successful ‘sell out’ evening filled with a variety of acts, from singing, dancing, drawing, comedy, to a dancing dinosaur!

We would like to thank all the wonderful students that took part, front and back stage, parents that supported the evening and all our lovely staff. A special thank you to Jake Hall who ran the tech side of the evening superbly. We were thrilled to raise nearly £1000 for our House charities ‘West Berkshire MENCAP’ for Evers and ‘Swings and Smiles’ for Davis.

Abbie Holland (13E3) tells us more, “From singing and dancing to music and poetry, Davis and Evers House Evening was a shining success and show of skill. The audience certainly had a night to remember; between sips of wine and roaring applause they witnessed superb solo acts, distinguished duets, and energetic ensembles including performances from both of Evers’ and Davis’ fantastic Year 7 tutor groups. The spotlights illuminated many more of our lower school students, who showcased the dulcet tones of flutes and piano, as well as some groovy moves and stunning voices. Our Sixth Formers hit all the high notes too with original music, guitars, pop songs, and impressive renditions of musical theatre, alongside some hilarious poetry. After a jam- packed, powerful evening, we left feeling ready for the fast approaching half term.”

Lucy Clinch (9D2) said, “House Evening was great this year. It was so funny, crazy and creative. All the acts were entertaining and fun to watch – everyone was so talented.”

Well done to all those involved.