Dispelling the Myths Of Oxbridge Workshop

Published 9 October 2023

Last Friday, the Year 10 students in the Stretch and Challenge community attended a fantastic workshop lead by Mrs Lane in the hall. They looked at what it takes to get a place at Oxbridge, and about dispelling the myths surrounding the universities and their entrance exams. There was also a panel of current and aspiring Oxbridge students for a Q and A in the last part of the workshop.

The students started by learning about the different universities and watching a guided tour of the campuses. They looked at the myths surrounding Oxbridge and then how students actually live and work on the campuses. We then moved on to talk about the interview practise and have a go at some of the tasks that these universities have used in the past. Students particularly enjoyed the task where you had to communicate to your partner how to tie a shoe without using their hands! Another popular task that Year 10 tried was a role-play, where someone had broken the other’s new phone and they had to tell their friend about it. After a short break, the students had a Q and A with a panel of students that either already had a place at Oxbridge, or were applying to go this year. Year 10 asked some good questions about work life balance, revision, and what they were doing when they were in Year 10.

The students had a great time, and especially enjoyed participating in all the different tasks. We look forward to running this again next year!