EDCLUB Movement

EDCLUB is a charity, founded by three teenagers to give disadvantaged children a way to learn English and communicate with the world outside the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  An award winning “TED talk” by Prof. Sugata Mitra inspired the EDCLUB initiative. His project empowered kids in low-income areas in India to self-educate, by providing them with computers and Internet access. This opportunity encouraged the kids to explore and learn. This idea has then been adapted for the children in Kenya.

The experience I, and the other Sixth Form students, have had with these children is amazing, they are always ready to learn something new; especially English, as it helps them later on when wanting to apply for jobs. When speaking in the afternoon, most children do not want to leave, for example Audrey is an amazing young lady, who wants to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Other children want to become teachers or engineers. All these jobs can be accomplished with improved knowledge of English.

Before the Christmas holiday, I asked the Davis Year 7’s to write letters to the children. Over Christmas they received them, they were overjoyed, as the letters were all that some children got this Christmas.
I have had videos and more photos of the children with smiling faces, thanks to all your letters, well done Davis Year 7! It really meant the world to them.

Get Involved!
The next idea for our community is to compile a list of books available in electric formats so they can download them. What can you do? If any of you have some book ideas please email Mrs Austin-Smith, SAustin-Smith@stbarts.co.uk 

EDCLUB is an amazing opportunity for Sixth Form students to be involved in a community-based project throughout your Sixth Form experience which goes towards your house awards and colours. We have had a very successful first year and want to continue this legacy going forward. Please email Mrs Austin-Smith, SAustin-Smith@stbarts.co.uk if you would like to get involved.

Daisy, Year 13