English and Classics Wall Art

Published 16 February 2022

Studies have shown that we don’t remember the things we hear nearly as well as things that we see and so we love the highly visual new wall art now on display as you enter the English and Classics Faculty.

Mr Randall, who led on the Faculty’s project to fund, source and purchase the art, says: “English, Classics and Latin are exciting subjects; they are about communication and expression across generations. We wanted to capture imaginations and to give students that ‘wow’ factor…

We are passionate about language and literature and this was an opportunity to bring to life some of the writers and speakers that we teach, as well as to draw attention to the breadth of people and texts that students will encounter throughout their 7 years studying in our Faculty at St Bart’s.” 

The stunning wall art was produced and installed by promoteyourschool and has already been a great conversation point between students and staff. Our younger students can see what they will read and learn about in the future, whilst older students have already been reflecting on all they have been fortunate to study in the past. Misqal, in Year 8, commented that she was impressed with the wall art and how it highlighted “inspirational people and pictures”, while Wojciech, also in Year 8, recognised John Agard and remembered how he learnt about his poems and how they “portray his identity”. St Bart’s hopes that the wall continues to inspire students for many years to come.