English Schools Swimming Gala

Junior (Y7/8) and Intermediate (Y9/10) girls’ teams competed in the freestyle and medley relays at this prestigious event. As a result of fantastic swimming by all the girls are reserves for the finals at the London Aquatic Centre in November. This event has been streamlined to the top 20 English schools and it has become harder to qualify due to Covid restrictions. But we are hopeful the Intermediate girls will be selected, watch this space! The girls said;

“I found that the gala was a great opportunity to race against others who liked swimming and wanted to represent their school. It was very enjoyable and a good challenge.”

Beatrice Cratchley (8D1)

“An exciting event to take part in especially after not being able to compete for so long!”

Rafi Williams (8P2)

“I’d forgotten how fun racing as a school team is, so much energy and competition.”

Kirsten Fraser (10C1)

“So glad we could compete again this year, I love swimming competitively!”

Lucy Bosley (10P1)