Film And Media Trip to Los Angeles


In March, A-Level Film and Media Studies students flew across the pond to Los Angeles. There, we spent 6 days travelling around the city, taking part in film-based activities, from a tour through the iconic Hollywood streets to a tutorial in cinematography at the New York Film Academy. We gained a lot from this trip, it was an experience that we thank the school for providing, especially to the teachers, who gave up their time to manage our trip.

We all saw this as an opportunity to learn about an industry many of us seek to be a part of and as an opportunity to exercise a passion we all share. We all like film, and so it was incredible to be able to feel like we were part of the big picture.

For example, our tour round Warner Brothers studio allowed us to closely experience the works of our favourite pictures seeing, up close, the iconic props and costumes from the likes of Harry Potter, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Casablanca. Some personal highlights were a day trip to Universal Studios where Marc Jenner was part of the highly-regarded and widely received Animal Actors show which comprises of many of the famous animals in cinema. There was also an evening trip to Santa Monica pier and a visit to the shops and rides on offer and, of course, our trip to Wendy’s. We really enjoyed our trip to Los Angeles. It was hugely beneficial to our education, our wider understanding of the film industry and provided us with an unforgettable experience.