Fives Nationals (U12) at Eton

The Eton Fives under 12 National Championships were recently attended by St Bart’s students from Year 7.  The event was attended  by participants from all over the country, including 80 playing pairs. The first round was made by combining pairs into groups of 6 pairs. These groups were split into two sections (3 pairs each) and of these sections every pair played each other.  

St Bart’s best placing was 2nd in the section so the 1st pair from St Bart’s were through to the next match.  They won this match to gain a 3rd place in the large group and were through to the next round.  While the 1st pair prepared for the next round the other pairs were playing in a mini competition themselves.

The 1st pair won their hour long match against Summerfield 4th pair and so moved on from the 2nd round to the 3rd round. It was now down to the last 16 pairs in the competition. The next round saw St Bart’s 1st pair play the team they were up against in a friendly match at home (Summerfield 3rd) and they lost, but with a smaller score difference!