FiveStar Project Increasing Participation at St Bart’s

A new project to boost Eton Fives participation, The FiveStar project, is underway, kick started by an anonymous donation of £100,000 that has funded two new part-time development officers. Focusing on five main areas, schools, universities, community clubs, coaches and organisers, they have already made significant progress.

The club at Newbury, based at St Bart’s, was set up by Paul Bowden and Paul Mason several years ago. Nigel Cox and David Cooper followed their lead, taking on the running of the Sunday morning club and also a Thursday night community club, for a group of adult players who are new to Eton Fives. The FiveStar team has been raising money to match a potential donation from the Greenham Common Trust, which could fund a part-time co-ordinator for Newbury, pursuing further projects.  A consultation will be held with all Eton Fives Assocation members in early 2018. Read more at