Gcse Graphics Trip To Marwell Zoo

Published 9 June 2022

On Tuesday 24 May the Graphics team took 30 GCSE students to Marwell Zoo. The aims of the trip were for students to photograph the animals and research the Graphic Design that can be seen around the zoo. Students will be developing their own Zoo advertising as part of their GCSE coursework. Here are a few student takeaways from the day:

Highlight of the day? “Just getting to see so many animals up close.”

Best animal? “The snow leopard sleeping against the glass.”

How will this trip help your coursework? “I’ve researched how a zoo presents their animals and attractions effectively.”



Highlight of day?Getting to meet Santos the sloth.”

Best animal?Santos the sloth because he was really cool and bigger than expected.”

How will this trip help your coursework?The graphics there were inspirational because it had a distinctive style of being quite childish which is aimed at the younger children who visit the zoo.



Highlight of the Day?Everything to do with the tigers! First of all, the crazy excitement of my whole group spotting the tiger and second, the amazing pictures of the tigers very close up to the glass which we captured.”

Best animal?I loved the snow leopard as it busted the myth of having to look for zoo animals by lying right up against the side of the cage!”

How will this trip help your coursework?This trip gave me heaps of ideas for my new graphics project and really expanded the horizons of what I could do for a zoo themed piece of branding.”



With the weather holding out for most of the day (despite the forecast!) and the excellent, enthusiastic behaviour of the students, a great day was had by all.