German Exchange 2023

Published 9 February 2023

After a gap of 3 years, it was a great pleasure for me, along with Mrs Tucker and Mr Force-Jones, to be able to take a group of 25 students over to Germany for a week as part of this year’s exchange with the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Monheimam Rhein.  We have been partner schools for many years now and so it was lovely to renew old friendships as well as notice changes since our last visit. Over the course of the week, students visited Cologne and Bonn and were given a special welcome to Monheim by the Town Mayor. In addition, they spent time with their German partners, both in school and at home with their families.  Here is what some of the St Bart’s students had to say about the experience:

 “The German Exchange is a wonderful opportunity for young minds that are eager to learn German. The week is filled with tons of activities which help you explore the German culture. We visited museums which tie into other subjects as well. It can be overwhelming to live in a house with strangers but overall it is filled with memories and a great experience. 10/10”   Thrishathi Srinivasan (9D1)


“I really enjoyed the trip.  I learnt loads about the German culture and I saw so many cool sights!” Lauren Bailey (9P1)

“It was a shock to be waking up at 6.30 in the morning….I went to Phantasialand on Saturday.  It was amazing and I loved the rides.”  Alex Hutchinson (10P1)

“I got to help younger years with their English at the German school and they were very excited to have us there.” Megan Purcell (10C2)

 “Being all alone in a new house with a family that don’t speak much English may be scary, but the family will do their best to involve you and make you feel at home. Everyone is very kind and they speak good English so there is nothing to worry about.” Alexandra Tucker (9D2)

“I have visited a lot of culturally significant German cities and made a large amount of new friends who I am sure I will still be in touch with many years from now….I would recommend using the brilliant public transport system and to talk to as many people as possible.” Charlie Fogg (10C2)

“I had so much fun on the German Exchange; it was an incredible experience… One thing I will definitely remember is walking to the top of a tower (Kölner Dom) and it was so high! Looking down on Cologne was amazing so even though there were so many stairs it was definitely worth it.” Amy Oliver (9D3)

“We sat in on some German lessons which was quite eye-opening about how different countries’ schools work.”  Sam Kirby (9D3)

“There were so many fun moments and memories that I hope to cherish forever.  Everyone there was really nice, especially the family I was staying with….My only advice is that you will wake up earlier…” Sophie Thomas (9D1)

“Don’t be scared to say you don’t understand what they are saying and if they are speaking too fast, tell them to slow down.  Go to bed early because otherwise you will be tired and your German will not be as good in the day.”  Zak Begg (10P1)

Our German partners will complete the exchange by coming to St Bart’s for a week at the end of the summer term. We look forward to welcoming them here.

Mrs Wood