Harvest Donations Delivered

Published 19 October 2022

This year, St Bart’s has chosen to donate our harvest contributions to Loose Ends and Fair Close Centre. Loose Ends is a drop-in centre in Newbury that serves food to the homeless and vulnerable and Fair Close Centre is an independent centre that provides a friendly place for elderly citizens to eat homecooked meals. Thank you very much to everyone who donated. This will benefit our local community hugely with something that is so crucial right now. A group of students took the donations to the charities. Ed, our Deputy Head Boy, relays the experience.

“We had a lovely Harvest drop off, with bountiful baskets of food. Firstly, we went to Loose Ends, a charity which provide daily cooked meals to the homeless, to drop off half the supply. After placing the goods on the table we were given an informative and welcoming tour around their premises. We asked lots of questions and came out impressed with the fantastic work Loose Ends do to support the vulnerable in Newbury.

Next, we drove to the Fair Close Centre and unloaded the second half. After a quick photo, we went out to talk to the clients and met some very friendly and interesting retirees. Some were ex-students of St Bart’s and reminisced about their old school days: all were fascinating to talk to. Before long, their weekly dance class began and we got involved as quickly as we could. One woman, at the age of 94, indisputably outdanced us all. A lovely community project and a big help to the charities involved!”