Head Students 2022/23 Announced

Published 27 April 2022

We are so excited to be your Head students for the next academic year and are ready to approach this role with dedication and inclusivity, ensuring that we can best reflect the whole student community. It’s key that everyone not only gets the chance to immerse themselves in school life with confidence, but also has the opportunity to make their voice heard. We can’t wait to hear your opinions and ideas about how to grow and improve the school, getting to know your experiences so we can tailor what we do to you, the heart of St Bart’s School. By widening and integrating the school community, enhancing school policies on wellbeing, and further educating on major issues our generation is facing, we believe we can make some really positive changes to the school. We are all keen to get to work and look forward to being your new Head students for the coming academic year.

Ollie & Alana (Head Students)

Lucy, Ed & Lottie (Deputy Head Students)