Healthcare Routes for St Bart’s Students

Published 3 June 2024

Despite the sometimes gloomy headlines surrounding the state of our National Health Service, at St Bart’s we are often buoyed by the knowledge of the number of bright young people looking to forge a career as a healthcare professionals across a number of fields.

A recent Censuswide survey, commissioned by Universities UK and analysed by the Nuffield Trust, spoke to more than 5,000 young people across the UK, aged between 16 and 26. It found that, despite perceptions of high pressure and long hours, 73% are considering or have considered a career in healthcare, with nursing (39%), medicine (35%), and midwifery (22%) the most popular courses for these respondents. Improving the lives of others (46%) is the reason most often given for their interest in these careers, closely followed by having a rewarding career (40%).

Across the Sixth Form, over 250 students have been made offers through UCAS. We decided to speak to some of our Year 13 students (Izzy, Mabel and Issy), who have received offers for placements on healthcare courses. Both Izzy Quesada-Getgood and Mabel Rayner intend to go to University of East Anglia, Izzy has been offered a highly competitive place to study medicine and Mabel plans to study Paramedic Science. Issy Tallis plans to attend University of Bath and follow a course in Pharmacy.

Initially, my interest to study medicine was sparked by the opportunity to spend the rest of my life learning about the human body. However, the process of applying to medical school has enlightened me to the amazing opportunities medicine has to offer, such as being able to have a positive impact on someone through the power of knowledge and compassion. Overall, I am very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to pursue such a fulfilling career. The application process for medicine is tough, but my experience was made so much easier with the help of the school who provided me with fantastic opportunities to develop my skills and reassurance during times of doubt and worry. I am so grateful for all the help I have received and look forward to what my future career brings!” –  Izzy Quesada-Getgood

I have always wanted to work in the NHS and studying Paramedic Science seemed like the perfect option for me. I want to make a difference to peoples’ lives and the day-to-day variety of the job appeals to me. I’m particularly looking forwards to being part of an ambulance crew for my placements at university.”- Mabel Rayner

I have always had an interest in medical related topics, which was driven by a personal experience of hospitals. I was lucky to be able to explore careers in this area through visiting Universities and attending science related career talks. Up until this point I was under the misconception that Pharmacists just handed out drugs but my eyes were opened to the wide breadth of areas Pharmacists covered, hospitals, community and research. Mrs Garrety and Mrs Lane were great in supporting my University applications and giving me excellent advice, hints and tips to get me ready for the University interviews. You need an expert understanding of the drugs and their effects but also skills in dealing with patients with complex needs.” – Issy Tallis

At St Bart’s we have a long record of supporting students into medicine through our Early Entrant Programme. However, if you are considering a career in the caring professions, remember there are so many exciting and important health routes other than the traditional medicine. This year, we have students choosing to pursue Paramedic Science, Pharmacy, Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery and Speech and Language Therapy.