High Hopes for Shares4schools Competition

St Bart’s has been participating in the Shares4Schools competition for many years. 

In recent years trading has proved difficult but this year’s team, some of whom are pictured above, are showing great promise. Last week they were in third place nationally from 37 schools and leading the regional competition.

The contest began in 2004, aiming to give sixth form students a realistic experience of economics and business studies by giving them a chance to invest real money into the stock market. The competition starts with an investment pot of £2,000. Valuable skills in team working, investment strategy and risk management are gained throughout the process.

In 2014 the St Bart’s team were regional winners and third in the national league. Students enjoyed a day out at the Share Centre in London and a free trip on the London Eye as their prize.

In May, at the end of the competition, the shares are sold and the team that has gained the most profit will be declared the overall winner at a special award ceremony in London. Keep reading BartholoNews to find out how our team does! Find out more about the competition at www.shares4schools.co.uk