House Championship 2021-22

Published 15 September 2022

The House Championship in 2021-22 was the most closely fought competition for several years, with each House winning at least one of the main shields, which has not happened in the 4 years since we increased the number of shields from three to five, with the addition of the Arts & Enrichment Shield and the Sixth Form Cup in 2018-19.

In the Sixth Form Cup, Davis pipped Patterson to the victory.  This element of the House Championship is competed for by Sixth Form students only, and includes various leadership opportunities, report scores and Sixth Form sports.

In the Sport Shield, which comprises well over 150 different matches in 13 different sports, Davis House were victorious.  This is the first Sports Shield win for Davis in a decade!  No doubt, the other Houses, particularly Evers, who have won the Sports Shield on 6 occasions out of the last 9, will do everything they can to claim victory next year.

In the Arts and Enrichment Shield, which comprises the major House events of House Drama, House Music and House Dance, alongside other House competitions, Patterson were the winners.

In the Citizenship Shield, Curnock were the winners.  This competition includes attendance, awards and charity work.  This is the second win in a row for Curnock with the Citizenship Shield and their 3rd win in 5 years.

The Academic Shield includes progress made by students at KS3, KS4 and KS5, the Milestones programme for PDP at KS3, Vocablics progress and VIP scores from reports.  This year, the winners were Evers.

With all of the individual elements now decided, the calculations to determine the overall House Champions can be calculated.  The overall winners in 2021-22 are Davis, their first overall win since 2011-12!  Congratulations to Davis.

Head of House, Mrs McKeown said, “We’re so delighted to have won the House Cup as well as the Sport Shield and the Sixth Form Cup. Davis students have worked very hard so it’s a real boost for us all to be victorious again!”