House Championship 2023 24

Published 14 September 2023

Last week in our first full school assembly students waited to hear the results of last year’s House Championship which turned out to be very closely contested.

In the Sport Shield, covering over 150 matches and 13 different sports, Curnock and Davis were tied on points. They had both won 6 of the competitions so it was necessary to consider the total number of 2nd places. Curnock narrowly won 4-3…

The Citizenship Shield considers attendance, awards and charity work and Patterson ran away with this competition in 2022/23.

The Arts and Enrichment Shield was also a closely fought competition between Patterson, winners of House Music, and Evers, winners of House Drama, and Curnock, winners of House Dance. Patterson were again victorious.

The Sixth Form Cup is competed for by Sixth Form students only, and includes various leadership opportunities, report scores and Sixth Form sports became another tussle between the top two houses, with Davis edging the win.

The Academic Shield is the final component decided, with exam results and milestones considered as they come in. Again, this was a close competition between Curnock and Davis but Davis took the prize with one more competition under their belt than Curnock.

So, overall Davis were our worthy winner, taking the House Championship Cup. Curnock and Patterson tied for second place but with two other 1st places Patterson edged into second place, with Evers in 4th by only 1 point.

House Head for Davis, Miss Suggitt, says, A HUGE congratulations to all our Davis students, what a fantastic achievement for a second year in a row! Mr Fry, Miss Moore and I are so incredibly proud of everyone. Every single Davis student has contributed to us winning the championship, whether it be taking part in a school event, getting house points, engaging in your lessons or fundraising for charity.  It just goes to show that all those contributions, however big or small, can add up to big results! Can we make it a hat-trick? GO DAVIS!”

The 2023/24 Competition is well under way with points scored by the new Year 7s in Summer School already added to the tally.