Hums Club Time Capsule

dscf1413In 1997 a History project involving students in the Hums Club was to create a time capsule to be buried in the school grounds which would represent St Bart’s at that time and contain items of historical importance that would interest future students.

As part of the school’s plans to move into the new buildings the four Houses have been asked to put together time capsules which will be buried in the foundations.  The History department decide it would be a good idea to dig up the Hums Club capsule a little early so it doesn’t get forgotten in all the excitement of moving into the new buildings.  Some Year 7 students, together with Mr Norris, Mrs Pollitt, Mrs Thomas, Mr Robinson and Mrs Haddrell dug up the capsule.  This will now be kept in a safe place until it can be reburied in an appropriate location once we have moved into the new buildings.  Further information about this event will be in BartholoNews on 21 July.