Kew Gardens Visit

Published  28 April 2022

During the last week of term, our Year 9 Geographers visited Kew Gardens in London, exploring the Palm House, Temperate House and Princess of Wales House as part of their new topic ‘Fragile Ecosystems’. Throughout the day, students discovered the life-saving capabilities of plants, got a birds-eye view of the plant acrobatics of the rainforest and gained a better understanding of the threats humans are posing to our ecosystems. They even exemplified our ‘Brave’ value as they scaled the dizzying heights of the Tree-top walk, and collected questionnaire data from willing members of the public.

Finally, as part of Inter Faith week, 9G worked with Ms Perchard to explore the role of religion in the conservation of nature. 

Huge Kew-dos to all the students for a fantastic three days! 

Thank you to Mr Brooker, Mrs Alonzi, Ms Perchard, Mr Anderson, Mrs Wakefield and the Geography Department for all their support.