KS4 & KS5 House Chess

Published 17 January 2023

The House Chess Competition for Years 10 to 13 took place in December. It returned, after several years without a competition,  demonstrating the popularity of Chess across all years in the school. Each House puts forward a team of 4 players, with each team playing the other three Houses over three separate days. The matches were fiercely contested between all four Houses and,  before the final matches, any one of Davis, Evers or Patterson could have won. Four players were undefeated in the competition: Nakabale Lule, Ollie Steele (both Davis), Will High and Johan Giaever-Enger (both Patterson). The final result is shown on the right.

Year 7 to 9 House Chess will take place in June 2023, when Davis will defend their 2022 title. Many thanks to all of the players for their consistent effort and Mr Bell for running the competition.