Maisie Wins Jubilee Competition

Published 8 June 2022

I am part of the Young Farmers’ Club and at this year’s Country Fayre I entered the writing competitions in celebration of the Queen Platinum Jubilee.  I am pleased and proud to say that I won two categories – Junior and Intermediate – with my diary entries.  One was about the day in the life of someone who works for the Queen, while the other was about a day in the life of the Queen herself.  You can see former below.

Maisie (7D2)

Dear Diary,

I woke up today to the blazing sunshine shining through the grand, extravagant curtains covering the towering windows. Opening the curtains, I could see the graceful daffodils dancing out on my balcony as I got ready to start the day. Today, as usually requested, I delivered the Queen’s morning Earl Grey tea- no milk or sugar – with a few scrumptious biscuits straight to her room at 7:30 on the dot; I turned on the today program on BBC Radio 4 then I went downstairs, while I left the Queen to wake up for a few minutes. I made a quick check around the palace to check everything was in order then I headed back upstairs to help the Queen out of bed and get ready for the day.

When she was ready, I aided her Royal Majesty down the stairs and into her study to get on with the daily Queen duties. Then, the worst job ever…DUSTING! Some people find it quite therapeutic however I find it dead boring but at the end of the day it must be done. Today, it felt like I had an extensive list of chores like back when I was a child and mum was nagging at me to get them done but in an even bigger house! The hoovering, polishing, changing the sheets…well you get the point.

After all that demanding work, at approximately 12:45, a delicious smell of salmon spread throughout the palace like a cold breeze going up your spine. I headed to the dining room to lay the table ready for the Queens luxurious lunch including Salmon and courgettes. Next, I rushed down to the staff room, as I was starving, to enjoy my tuna sandwich with crisps and grapes; I took one gulp of my water then it was back to work.

I cleaned the table and laid it for tea later in the evening. However as the Queen had some important visitors round to discuss confidential information, I headed back to the kitchen to plate up some biscuits for the visitors and Madam Queen with a jug of elderflower press as a beverage. Once I cleaned the dining table and laid it for tea, I escorted the visitors to the front door while my colleague, Sue, guided her Royal Majesty down for supper. Soon after, all the jobs were finished and I was able to head upstairs, while a couple of the other advisers assisted the Queen to bed. I settled down and got into bed ready for the early start again tomorrow morning! It’s amazing that I’ve worked here for nearly 5 years however I wouldn’t change it.

Maisie, Bradfield YFC