MFL Christmas Karaoke

Published 18 January 2024

Before Christmas, the MFL Department held its annual, highly competitive karaoke competition. MFL teachers start preparations for this soon after the half term break and it is taken very seriously indeed. After an initial first round of 12 entries, the French, German and Spanish Assistants made their selection and the final was held with six classes battling it out live on the stage in the hall. This is what the students had to say about the event:

“For the karaoke, we practised in class a brilliant Spanish song. We enjoyed spending 10-15 minutes in lessons building up to the competition, singing our hearts out! It was nerve-wracking doing the performance, but it was a great performance with a well executed dance! We learnt the lyrics and a little dance. It was a really fun experience.”

Students from 9KSpP

After a close score, the winning class was Miss Wright’s Y8 German group singing ‘Schnippi Schnappi’ with masks, a dance, solos and chorus, it was very slick and extremely well performed.

A huge thank you to Mrs Wood for organising the whole event and to Mr Edens and Mrs Wilcox for being our esteemed judges.