Mock Trial at Reading Crown Court

A few weeks ago a large group of students went to Reading Crown Court for the local heats of the mock trial competition. The case was about a person named Sam Fenton, accused with carrying a bladed article in public. To prepare for the competition we looked for inconsistencies in the witness statements to prove the case for either side. There were lots of different roles lawyers, witnesses, magistrates, also legal advisors and an usher. We had prosecution lawyers, who try and get charges pressed, and defence, who try to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their client did not commit the crime.

On the day we were all very nervous because there was lots of high ranking officials like the High Sheriff of the county. The inside of the court rooms were very grand but when we got into the case we forgot about our nerves and did well. I really enjoyed it, a great experience for the future. I loved the grandeur of the place, it looked amazing. I learned a lot from my experience at the Crown Court, like how courts work, where people in different roles sit and the procedure. Overall, I had a really great day and learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in it.