National Theatre Connections Festival

Published 20 March 2023

In January, BartholoNews reported that St Bart’s Drama students were to take part in this year’s National Theatre Connections Festival. On Wednesday 8 March, 24 students travelled to Salisbury Playhouse to perform a play called ‘Old Times’. The National Theatre Connections Festival 2023 has thousands of young people performing new plays created for this event all over the UK.

The students had the opportunity to experience a day in this wonderful theatre, where they received workshops, feedback and expert support from the professional directors and technicians in the industry.

When the students performed in the evening, they really did themselves and St Bart’s proud. The sheer talent and professionalism seen on the stage was outstanding. Thank you to all the cast and for the support shown by family and friends who attended the evening performance.

Mrs Howe and Mrs Parkington