Nature Reserve Opening

The nature reserve in the school grounds which has been created from scratch was opened by headteacher, Mrs Christina Haddrell, on 14 June when she planted an oak tree. A celebration of hard work by students, staff and parents took place among the wildflower meadow, bluebell wood, orchard and pond area.

Led by Dr David Fitter, students in Year 10 who opted for Horticulture as their Key Stage 4 Extra Programme have spent Friday afternoons digging, propagating and planting as well as creating a spectacular 12 feet high bird feeding station. Parents and staff have helped in the evenings and at weekends and the rewards are now being seen by the school community.  A large number of species has already been recorded in the nature reserve, including a healthy population of newts.  Over the summer it is planned to establish an official record of species found on the school site.

The nature reserve brings added benefits to learning across the school and the science faculty regularly uses it for classes to learn about sampling and identification.