Non Uniform Day Raises over £2000

Published 27 June 2024

For Ulafu School Partnership and Shelterbox

Thank you to everyone who took donated to our non-school uniform day last Friday and to those who bought cakes and jewellery from the Kenya Link Club and our House Bake Sale. A total of £2,022.08 was made on the day. This amount will split between our Ulafu School Partnership (£828) and ShelterBox (£1,194), a charity chosen by our Sixth Form students.

Our Ulafu School Partnership is overseen by Miss Ostinelli and The Kenya Link club. This club offers our students the opportunity to connect with another culture and to help those who do not have as many resources as we are lucky to have at St Bart’s.

Students speak to Ulafu students via Zoom Meetings and through pen pal emails, and are learning a lot about Kenyan culture. They are also supporting the school through fundraising to buy tools and supplies for various projects they want to undertake including a kitchen garden, and making mats, sisal skirts and liquid soap.


ShelterBox work with disaster-affected communities to provide the emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families in the long process of rebuilding their lives.